35L/min Digital Filling Peristaltic Pump





Bulk liquid transfer or dispensing
e liquid filling 
liquid drug dispensing 
nail polish distribution


Pump head :KZ50 Max speed : 350rpm




This Digital peristaltic dosing pump With  2 display mode .speed and flow .
- With liquid calibration function to ensure the high accurancy for the transfer
- This constant peristaltic pump can be installed by  KZ50 pump heads
- With both-way large torque low power motor. It can be connected with several pump heads to meet different applications.
- Long life digital rotary knob easy to operate high control precision and ensure to transfer the high precision fluid.
- FULL SPEED button is available to fill in & empty out the tubing.
- Memory function available in case of power off and it will continue working once the power was restarted.
- Long-range control is available through the DB15 interface of the drive: speed control start-stop control direction control.
- With RS485 communication interface supports MODBUS communication protocol. And communication protocols customized is available

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Pump Head

Tube Model


OD( mm)

Speed ( Rpm)

Flowrate ( ml/min)

LG350FJ KZ50







Model LG350FJ
Pump head KZ50
Speed 0.1~350rpm, reversible.
Speed resolution 0.1rpm
Tube 92#
Flowrate range 10~35000ml/min
Flow accuracy <2%
Speed control Digital rotary knob to adjust speed.
Display mode 4-digit LED display current rotating speed and dispensing frequency.
Dispensing time 0.1s~9999min
Stop time 0.1s~9999min
Back suction angle 10°~720°(1°stepping)
Dispensing numbers 0~9999T
External control
Start-stop, direction, speed control(0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA is optional) 
Communication interface RS232 and RS485, support MODBUS protocol mode
Power supply AC220±10% (standard) Or AC110V±10% (optional)
Work environment Temperature 0~40℃, relative humidity<80%, no condensation.
Back suction speed 10~300rpm
IP rate IP 31

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