Milk vending machine supporting peristaltic dosing pump/OEM208





Milk vending machine supporting etc.
Model Pump head Motor Max Flowrate(ml/min ) Tube Max speed Noted
OEM208-1 KZ25 DC24V 6000 36# 600 The max flowrate test based on the 36# silicon tube . so if you need other tube pls contact
OEM208-2 DC12V 6000 36# 600

Tube ID mm OD mm Max speed(rpm ) Max flowrate
15# 4.8 9.6 600 1800
24# 6.4 11.2 600 2700
35# 7.9 12.7 600 4500
36# 9.6 14.4 600 6000
Functions and features
Our model OEM208 series is a versatile OEM tubing pump with 4 different tube size options and adjustable speed motor speeds.
It is one of the top selling OEM pumps.
You will often find these peristaltic tubing pumps in vending machines soft serve ice cream machines printers and other ink machines.

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